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Official name: Republic of Cuba
Capital: Havana
GDP per capita: 9,900 dollars (year 2010)
Human Development Index: 0.815 (very high)
In the country there is a development of the system of services and government benefits. For example, there are given out free clothes for workers. The system provides free and quality medical aid, free higher and middle education.

Official name: Republic of Haiti
Capital: Port-au-Prince
GDP per capita: 1,242 dollars (year 2012)
Human Development Index: 0.456 (low)
Haiti – one of the poorest, most unstable countries in the world, poorest country in the Americas, constantly suffering from hunger, natural disasters and governmental coups.
Haiti – this country has one of the greatest epidemics of HIV among the countries in the Caribbean Sea: here lives no less than half of all people, who live with HIV in this region. By estimates, by the time of the earthquake the amount of people, who live with HIV in this country, is composed of 120,000 people.