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>ywn get a flight on furry soviet aeroflot
>ywn get a sexual offer by a sexy tiger herm flight assistant
>ywn follow her into the back of the plane after she passes
>ywn rub one-selves on each other in the bathroom
>ywn get pushed onto your knees
>ywn look up at grinning commie tigress and fellate her
>ywn make her cum down your throat
>ywn get to fuck her pussy back
>ywn get to have her number written on your army with a pen, or write your number on her breasts
>ywn sit in your seat and pop mints and give her glances
>ywn get a passionate kiss before leaving the plane
>ywn get a call 3 months later about a pregnancy
>ywn get ass-fucked by horny pregnant tigress



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This meme here, and that one behind the link.

Put them together into one.



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request that in the OC thread on 8ch, no one is going to see it here



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Where is this from?


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>tags: Lacan, Zizek

Obviously it is from a Zizek book


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No shit! Which one?



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See also: Klaus Barbie And Reinhard Gehlen



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must be cold there



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Is there a reason why this moderator is attacking anime fans other than to get some internet street credit?

He also comes off as massive white knight for feminists to the point that he even attacks homosexuals at some point in his rant.

Why is this guy throwing anime and hentai culture under the bus?

Because it offends feminists?

Because it offends his shitty old man sensibilities?

So what?

If you think that attacking a culture or group,in this case anime only because some of your allies hate it and some of your enemies like it you are a small minded bully.

I thought kicking *the little guys*,minority and groups considered deviants by the wider culture for personalaggrandizement and prestige was something that only the right wing does,this is even mentioned by the studies on the autoritarian personality made by Adorno.

I have always supported the left,but this shit is infuriating.


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>anime/hentai culture under the bus
Pick one.

>massive white knight
/pol/ alert! Also how? The entire argument rejects the idea of sexuality/gender as ones defining features. Rejecting idpol is what socialists do nitwit.

>icking *the little guys*,minority and groups considered deviants by the wider culture
Paedophilia is not normal and the deviants talked of here are quite clearly people like them. You want to be gay? fine but don't make that your personality, don't shove it down everyone's throat and demand to be accepted and don't touch kids.

Basically you're just being a typical lib-soc who wants "muh freedomz" to do whatever sick shit he likes. Sorry that building socialism means rejecting infantile sexual desires as the basis of personality and society.

Also, FYI. All this "anime/hentai" culture does is promote a population of sexually bored people, so immersed in 'ordinary' hot things that they no longer are aroused by it and have to turn to degenerate shit like children, animals and wierd shit that will never exist, you only have to look at the faggots posting literal PLANE PORN here on leftybooru.

So let me ask you this...
Why are you defending sexual deviancy when all that does is distract from the main issues in building socialism?

Because you are so sexually frustrated that you can only get off to that?

Because you're offended that someone (supported by a large majority of other people) thinks your niche kinks are fucked up?


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You talk about sexual deviancy in same fashion a retard from /pol/ would.
Actually whining about thisd shit alienates a ton of men from your community,but just love to act like a douchebag so canoot give a shit about that.


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>talk about sexual deviancy in same fashion a retard from /pol/ would

Everything is "muh /pol/" with you tards"

>Actually whining about thisd shit
learn to type with both hands, also you're the moron commenting on a thread that's been done and over with for months.

>alienates a ton of men from your community
LOL wut? I don't think the majority of men in the world are watching anime let alone jerking their dick to it. Even if you are, it's not something that should be a subject of public discussion.

Sounds like you're salty, go back to /h/ whiner.


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So pedophilia is male only?

Women most likely sexually abuse children far more than men.


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Communists have always been reactionary resentful bullies, that have picked on the underdog.

Homosexuality was criminal in the USSR for example.

Many Communists will turn right wing, this is not surprising as communists share many traits in common with right wingers

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