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>Banditry is bad
Wow criminal action in non-revolutionary times is wrong, how surprising.

>gave Germans land and money
No, they ceded land because they wanted to stop a war, the Germans didn't recieve any money, later, Lenin's Bolsheviks fought the Germans again in 1919 when the intervention came and helped Makhno conquer the Free Territory from its original founders a bunch of White Russian monarchists.

>Worships marx
False Lenin critiqued him heavily in his works stating that his writings were not modern.

>lets antisemites lead party
Trotsky, Zinoviev and several others were Jews, Lenin had a Jewish mother and Anti-semitism in the USSR was punished often, and this is fairly evident given the allegations of "judeo-bolshevism"

PS You do realize that this meme is tongue in cheek right? The Chad isn't a positive image, its a negative one being ironically glorified.



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"Communism under Stalin has produced the most valiant fighting army in Europe. Communism under Stalin has provided us with examples of patriotism equal to the finest annals of history. Communism under Stalin has won the applause and admiration of all the Western nations. Communism under Stalin has produced the best generals in this war. I was always impressed by Lincoln's answer when Grant was charged with taking too much drink.Persecution of Christianity? Not so. There is no religious persecution. The church doors are open. And there is complete freedom to practice religion, just as there is complete freedom to reject it. Racial persecution? Not at all. Jews live like other men. There are many races in the Soviet Union and not even a color bar. Political purges? Of course. But it is now clear that the men who were shot down would have betrayed Russia to her German enemy." -Opportunity to Win War in 1942; A SECOND FRONT IN EUROPE TO AID RUSSIA By LORD BEAVERBROOK, Britain's Lease-Lend Coordinator in Washington, Delivered before the Bureau of Advertising of the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 23, 1942



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And then retards on leftypol complain about how people post furry and other anthro shit here, well if all the posts are this level of autism, its no wonder!


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The CNT was an over-all hodge-podge of aimlessness. They collectivized it, but without organization and it never got to run its course, which in the experience of The Ukrainian Free State ended badly. The (slight) productive rise is a pointless argument since that's the same argument used by liberals to justify the Kerensky Government.

Some Catalan Anarchists openly expressed their Fascist sympathies. After the war, Abad de Santillan had praise for Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, founder of the Fascist Falange Espanola:

“Despite the difference which separated us, we can understand this “spiritual kinship” with Jose Antonio, who after all was a fighter and a patriot in search of solutions for his country�Spaniards of his stature, patriots such as he are not dangerous. They are not the enemy. As for changing the destiny of Spain, there had been, before July, 1936, diverse attempts to align with us. If an accord had been tactically feasible, it would have been according to the desires of his father, Primo de Rivera (dictator of Spain under the monarchy).” (Abad de Santillan, Porque Perdimos la Guerra, as quoted in Landis, pg 312.)

After the war, FAIist Abad de Santillan confessed:

“If all the leaders of the Libertarian (anarchist) organizations had ever seriously resolved to send all their armament, their war material and their best men to the front–the war would easily have been over in a few months… We can no longer conceal the fact that while, at the front itself, we had by 30,000 rifles (and perhaps as many as 24 batteries, 200 heavy guns), in the rear, in the power of the organizations, we had an additional 60,000 rifles with more ammunition than was ever in the proximity of the enemy.” (Abad de Santillan, Porque Perdimos la Guerra, Buenos Aires, 1940, pp. 67-8; quoted in Landis, pg 321.)

And guess where most of that shit came from… the USSR!

The CNT had expected aid from France and Britain, it received none.

"As week succeeded week, it became obvious that the governments of Britain and France were prepared to give nothing to the Spanish people except advice. Once Stalin was convinced of this, he declared the intention of the Soviet state to give all the help it could to the Spanish loyalists." (Cole, David M. Josef Stalin; Man of Steel. London, New York: Rich & Cowan, 1942, pg 96)

Despite all this, many CNT members found refuge in... the USSR, congratulations.


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>hodge podge of aimlessness

All of which is debunked here.

>but the USSR helped

No, the USSR gave arms to liberal republicans who agreed to help the anarchists who then betrayed them

>CNT members found refuge in USSR
>the place which Gulag'd anarchists
>this is what tankies believe

Good luck with your damage control


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>CNT members found refuge in USSR
>the place which Gulag'd anarchists

They Gulag'd anarchists who kept fucking with them like little shits. Also being so retarded as to actually believe the Gulag meme.

Grover Furr's analysis of "Spain Betrayed"

The CNT did just as much horrid shit. Ex. CNT Nun Corpses

In addition to that the Trots kept bickering with the MLs and further undermining the unity until they told them to fuck off.

The USSR and ML communists worked with the petty bourgeoisie for the same reason they tried to work with the anarchists and Trots, Together we stand, Divided we fall, antagonizing more people than necessary is counter-productive, and considering the experience of the Post-revolutionary period in Russia, they knew well that immediate communism is unrealistic because the people are not ready, that's why the NEP occurred, the people were too uneducated to give up irrational possessiveness and work in stateless communes. The same went for the CNT, except in the USSR they accepted this in return for remaining uncollapsed and strong enough to resist invasion and then initiated it after they had gotten themselves breathing room.

The USSR could not afford to throw around resources and it was 5x further away from Spain than Germany.

"In his conduct of foreign policy, Stalin showed great caution, restraint, and realism. He needed time to build up Russia’s industries and military strength. He was constantly provoked in the east and west, and in ways that must have infuriated him, but he never lost sight of the overriding need to delay the outbreak of war as long as possible. It was for this reason that he placed the greatest emphasis on peace and disarmament in world affairs." (Grey, Ian. Stalin, Man of History. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1979, pg 296)

Anarchism: results are small to none

Soviet socialism: inspired revolutions world-wide, and economically rivaled the USA as the only other world super-power.


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FinnishBolshevik literally did a series debunking this shit:


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The Cossaks started out as bandits and frankly that's who they originally were. They became a force similar to the privateers of Malta and Algiers, given the freedom to do whatever they liked as long as it served the Czar.

You really don't know diddly about Russia do you?

The Free State was originally White Russian and used the old serf system, Mahno had helped to free it with the Red Army, but as the system flew out of control he started doing the same shit.



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vague quotes and statements are not arguments. What has Kropotkin achieved?



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hilariously accurate, after all the modern left is just like this horrid, little child; infantile, rude, ignorant and downright stupid.


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Awww if you were so confident you wouldn't have these memes hidden now, would you?


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They're literal shit-posts so I downvote them, I meant to upvote this one. Also the pot calling the kettle black comes to mind.



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